Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane? Travel Rules In 2023

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane? Travel Rules In 2023

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane? We’ll sort it out from understanding the TSA regulations to knowing what kind of Makeup can be part of your hand luggage. We’ll also explore some tips on how to pack Makeup to keep it safe. Let’s get started!

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane? Understanding TSA Regulations

First up, let’s talk about TSA rules. These are critical when planning to bring your favorite products on a flight.

The Famous 3-1-1 Rule

You’ve probably heard about the TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule. This Rule applies to liquid, gel, and aerosol items you wish to carry in your hand luggage. It’s quite simple – each passenger may carry liquids, gels, and aerosols in travel-size containers that are 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters. All containers must fit in a single, clear, resealable quart-sized bag.

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane

Liquid Makeup and the 3-1-1 Rule

Items like liquid foundation, BB cream, liquid eyeliner, liquid lipstick, and other liquid cosmetics fall under the 3-1-1 Rule. But good news, mascara, and lip gloss are also considered liquids. Remember, they all need to fit into one quart-sized bag!

Powder Makeup and Airport Security

Powder makeup, such as eye shadow palettes and powder foundation, is usually fine to pack in your carry-on and checked luggage. However, if you’re packing larger amounts, especially powder-like substances over 12 ounces, be ready for additional screening.

AskTSA Twitter Answers

Here’s TSA’s answer on the official TSA Twitter channel:

Specific Makeup Items and TSA Regulations

Nail Files, Clippers, and the Likes

Nail files and nail clippers can be carried in your hand luggage. They might be sharp items, but TSA officers won’t remove them. Just be sure they are securely stored in your carry-on baggage.

Solid Makeup

Items like stick deodorant, solid lip balm, and beauty products in solid form are a-ok to pack in carry-on luggage with no quantity restrictions. They’re not subject to the 3-1-1 Rule.

Makeup Wipes, Wet Wipes, and Others

Makeup remover wipes, wet wipes, and similar products are exempt from the 3-1-1 Rule. No need to squeeze them into that quart-sized bag!

Other Beauty Products and TSA Rules

Not only Makeup but other beauty products must also follow TSA regulations.

Hair Products

You can bring hair spray, dry shampoo, hair gel, and similar items in your carry-on, but they must adhere to the 3-1-1 Rule. Be sure to pack smaller containers.

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane

Skincare Products

Like Makeup, skincare products like face wash, body wash, and others must also abide by the 3-1-1 Rule if liquid.

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane? How to Pack Makeup for Air Travel

When packing your beauty essentials, the last thing you want is a broken eyeshadow palette or spilled foundation.

  • Use a Makeup Bag: A toiletry or makeup bag is a great way to organize cosmetics.
  • Protect Your Powders: Place a cotton pad or ball inside your powder cosmetics to avoid breakage.
  • Use Travel Containers: For liquid toiletries, consider getting travel containers. They’re usually under the limit and save space in your quart-sized bag.

You can check the TSA website for a complete list of items and more information.

More on Makeup Products and TSA Rules

Nail Polish Remover

Surprisingly, TSA rules allow you to bring nail polish remover in your checked bag. However, double-checking your airline’s rules is always a good idea. The general rule is that flammable items, such as certain nail polish removers, are only allowed in checked baggage.

Transportation Security Administration’s Approach

The TSA agents you see at airport security checkpoints have a tough job. They ensure the safety of all passengers by carefully checking the number of liquids in carry-on bags during the X-ray screening process. If you have too much Makeup or other liquid products in your hand luggage, they might ask you to remove some items and put them in a separate bin for additional screening.

Packing and Organizing Your Makeup

A clear or plastic bag can help expedite the screening process when packing your makeup products. TSA agents can easily see the contents without needing to open the bag. A separate bag for eyeliner pencils and similar powder-form items is recommended to avoid any mess or potential damage.

Can You Bring Makeup On A Plane 3

Types of Makeup and Different Rules

Different types of Makeup follow different rules. For instance, any liquid makeup must be stored in containers not exceeding 3.4 oz (or 100ml) and fit into a quart-size bag per the TSA liquid rule. But you don’t have to follow the same restrictions if you carry solid or powder makeup.

Creating Your Travel Makeup Bag

We all have our go-to products that we can’t live without. To keep your everyday Makeup look intact, include the basics: a foundation or BB cream, a favorite lipstick or lip balm, a compact powder, an eyeliner pencil, a mini eyeshadow palette, and mascara.

Pack them in a travel makeup bag and store them in your item or carry-on. Remember the rules for liquid items – if they are more than 3.4 ounces, they should go in your checked bag. Keep smaller containers for your liquids, gels, and aerosols.

Quantity Restrictions and Packing Tips

Per the TSA, passengers can carry a reasonable quantity of toiletry items. So, the question isn’t how much Makeup you can carry but how efficiently you can pack your essentials.


Planning and packing for a trip can be stressful, but knowing these rules can make the process smoother. Being informed about what can and cannot be included in your hand luggage will save you time and stress at airport security. Happy travels, and may your Makeup always be on point!


What type of Makeup can I bring in my carry-on luggage? You can bring almost any type of Makeup to your carry-on. However, liquid items like foundation, mascara, and liquid lipstick should be in containers not exceeding 3.4 oz and fit in a quart-sized resealable bag.

What happens if I bring larger amounts of medically necessary liquids? You are allowed to bring larger quantities of medically necessary liquids. However, they need to be declared at the security checkpoint.

What about baby powder and similar non-essential powders? If you’re carrying larger amounts of non-essential powders, they may be subject to additional screening.

Can I bring my disposable razors? Yes, disposable razors are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Are makeup brushes allowed in hand luggage? Yes, makeup brushes are perfectly fine to bring in your hand luggage. There are no specific rules or size limitations for such items.

What’s the best way to pack Makeup in checked luggage? The best way is to pack your products to prevent any breakage securely. Consider using bubble wrap or a hard-case toiletry bag.