Can You Bring Body Wash on a Plane? Carry-On Rules 2023

Can You Bring Body Wash on a Plane?

Can you bring body wash on a plane? This article will answer that question as we cover TSA rules, liquid limits, and the best ways to pack toiletries for your next vacation. Ready for takeoff? Let’s go!

Packing Carry-On Toiletries: TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a handy 3-1-1 rule for packing liquids in your carry-on luggage. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 3 – Each container should hold no more than 3.4 ounces (100ml) of liquid
  • 1 – All containers must fit in a 1-quart-sized, clear, plastic zip-top bag
  • 1 – Only one bag is allowed per passenger

This means you can bring body wash on a plane if it’s in a small enough container and fits inside the designated quart-sized bag. The same rule applies to other liquid toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and hand sanitizer.

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Solid Toiletries: A Convenient Alternative

If you’re worried about how much liquid you can bring, consider switching to solid toiletries like bars of soap, solid shampoos, or even powder shampoo. These items don’t have to adhere to the 3-1-1 rule and can be a great alternative for long flights.

Checked Baggage: More Flexibility

When it comes to checked bags, you have more freedom with the amount of liquid you can pack. Bring full-size toiletries like your favorite shampoo bottle or a large shower gel. However, remember that there may be additional restrictions and weight limits for checked luggage, so check with your airline for specific details.

Special Considerations: Baby Food, Breast Milk, and Medications

The TSA makes exceptions for items like baby food, breast milk, and medications, which can be brought in reasonable quantities exceeding the usual 3-1-1 rule. Remember to declare these items to security officers and separate them from your carry-on liquids for the screening process.

Airport Security: Final Decision Rests with TSA Officers

It’s crucial to remember that the final decision on whether an item is allowed through the security checkpoint rests with the TSA officers. So, while it’s a good idea to follow the rules, there may be instances where additional screening is required.


In summary, yes, you can bring body wash on a plane! Ensure it adheres to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule if it’s in your carry-on luggage, or pack larger quantities in your checked baggage. With these tips, you’ll be well-prepared for your next adventure!


Q: Can I bring a full-sized shampoo bottle in my hand luggage?

A: No, full-sized shampoo bottles are not allowed in hand luggage. Stick to travel-sized containers that hold no more than 3.4 ounces (100ml) and fit within a quart-sized bag.

Q: Are there any restrictions on bringing aerosol products like hair spray on a plane?

A: Aerosol products must also follow the 3-1-1 rule if they’re in your carry-on baggage. For checked bags, check with your airline for specific restrictions.

Dry Shampoo and Other Toiletry Alternatives

Good news for those looking to save space in their carry-on liquids bag: dry shampoo is a fantastic alternative to liquid shampoo and doesn’t need to adhere to the 3-1-1 rule. Similarly, bar soap can replace liquid soap, allowing you to pack more essential items in your quart-sized bag.

Navigating TSA Agents and X-Ray Machines

When passing through airport security in the United States, you’ll encounter TSA agents and x-ray machines. Place your clear bag with liquids in a separate bin for x-ray screening, and remember to follow the TSA liquids rules to avoid any issues with your carry-on items.

International Flights and Different Types of Liquids

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees aviation safety, but regulations for liquids on international flights may vary by country. It’s a good idea to check with your airline or visit the TSA website for specific rules on the type of liquids allowed in carry-on and hold luggage.

Packing Food Items and Other Personal Items

Some food items, like peanut butter and baby formula, are subject to special considerations. However, others, such as pepper spray or spillable batteries, are generally prohibited. Check the TSA’s guidelines for a comprehensive list of allowed and prohibited items.

Can You Bring Body Wash On A Plane
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Toiletry Bag Essentials: Small Bottles and Travel Sizes

The best way to pack toiletries is to use travel-sized containers or small bottles, especially for carry-on luggage. This allows you to bring various skincare products, hair gel, and other personal items without exceeding the 3-1-1 liquid rule or TSA liquid limit.

Ounces and Containers: Know Your Limits

When packing your toiletry bag, remember that each container must hold no more than 3.4 ounces (100ml) of liquid. This applies to lens solutions, disposable razors, beauty products, and liquid body wash. Stick to travel-size or smaller containers to meet the strict TSA carry-on rules.

Resealable Plastic Bags and Organization

A resealable plastic bag (quart-sized) is essential for organizing carry-on liquids. It keeps your items secure and allows TSA officers to quickly check your toiletries during X-ray screening.

In conclusion, being mindful of the 3-1-1 rule, understanding restrictions on specific items, and utilizing travel-sized containers will ensure a smooth security screening experience. With these tips, you’re off to a good start for your next journey! Safe travels!