Can I Send My Luggage Ahead for Easier Travel?

Does the thought of lugging suitcases through a busy airport sound exhausting? ShipGo is changing the game, offering to whisk your bags away to your destination with just a click. Our blog post is packed with savvy tips on sending luggage ahead—you’ll breeze through airports and arrive stress-free.

Get ready for smarter travel!

Key Takeaways

  • ShipGo lets you send luggage ahead to your destination, starting at $34.99, with up to 60% savings compared to other carriers.
  • You can skip the airport lines and reduce contact by using ShipGo’s door-to-door service with no-contact pickup options.
  • TSA – approved locks help keep checked bags secure, and services like ShipGo offer $500 in complimentary insurance for added security.

Benefits of Sending Luggage Ahead for Easier Travel

A Collection Of Modern Suitcases And Travel Bags In A Busy Airport Terminal With Diverse Travelers.

Imagine stepping off the plane, breezing past the baggage carousel, and heading straight to your destination—sending luggage ahead can turn that dream into reality. It’s a game-changer for travelers who value efficiency, simplicity, and peace of mind during their journeys.

Avoid hassle at the airport

A Neatly Packed Suitcase Surrounded By Travel Essentials And Shipping Labels In A Calm And Organized Home Environment.

Check your bags from the comfort of home, not in a crowded airport. Sending luggage ahead means you skip long lines and breeze past baggage carousels. No more dragging heavy suitcases or juggling golf clubs through terminals! Shipping labels come to you, and with a service like ShipGo, even customs clearance gets easier.

Think about walking through the airport with just a carry-on—feeling light and stress-free. Luggage shipping turns this into reality. Your travel experience transforms without the worry of lost luggage or waiting for checked baggage.

Enjoy your flight knowing everything you need will meet you at your destination.

Save time and money

A Business Traveler Smoothly Navigating Airport Security With Only A Carry-On.

Sending your luggage ahead lets you breeze through the airport. No more waiting in long lines or dragging heavy bags. You can skip the check-in process and head straight to security with just your carry-on.

This means a faster, stress-free start to your trip. Plus, it often costs less than you might think!

With prices starting at $34.99, shipping luggage can be budget-friendly—savings of up to 60% versus major carriers are common! Consider this: time is money, especially during business travel.

When you send bags ahead, you’re buying back precious hours that would otherwise be spent handling baggage. The bonus? Companies like ShipGo even throw in complimentary insurance on all shipments for added peace of mind.

Minimize physical contact

A Contactless Pickup Service Collects Luggage And Travel Essentials Against A Bustling Cityscape Backdrop With Diverse People.

Travel these days comes with a need for fewer touchpoints. Using a service like ShipGo can help you do just that. You’ll skip the long lines and avoid touching kiosks, counters, and luggage that hundreds of other travelers have handled.

This reduces your contact with germs and makes your trip smoother.

ShipGo offers no-contact pickup right from your door to minimize physical interaction even more. Picture walking through the airport with just your carry-on, heading straight to security.

It’s not only convenient; it also keeps you safer by limiting how much you have to touch during your journey.

How to Send Luggage Ahead

Luggage Is Delivered To A Hotel Lobby With A City Skyline In The Background.

Shipping your bags before you travel is simpler than you might think; with just a click or call, you can arrange for your luggage to journey ahead. Imagine stepping off the plane and heading straight to your destination without waiting at the carousel – that’s the convenience we’re talking about!

Book online or over the phone

A Person Comfortably Books Their Luggage Shipment Online From Home, Surrounded By A Bustling Cityscape.

Booking your luggage shipment is easy. You can do it online or give a call to set things up. It’s like picking out your favorite carry-on, but instead, you’re choosing a convenient travel solution from the comfort of your home.

ShipGo’s white-glove customer support stands by every day of the week to assist you. They offer help through phone, email, text, or live chat.

Choose what works for you – hop on their website or have a quick chat over the phone. Lock in your details and let them handle the rest. They will make sure your bags are on their way to your destination without you lifting more than a finger!

Door-to-door collection and delivery

A Photo Of A Luggage Bag And Golf Clubs Being Picked Up From A Front Porch In A Bustling City.

Ship your bags from home to destination with ease. Choose ShipGo’s door-to-door service and leave the heavy lifting to us. Pack your suitcase or golf clubs and schedule a pickup right from your doorstep.

Our trusted couriers will come to you, grab your items, and deliver them straight to where you’re staying. Whether it’s a hotel room or a rental house, we bring everything right to you.

Enjoy more freedom as you travel when your luggage travels ahead. With no-contact delivery options, we make sure that both safety and convenience are top priorities. Skip dragging bags through the airport and start relaxing sooner on your trip!

Affordable rates and options for packaging and shipping

A Well-Packed Suitcase And Travel Essentials By The Front Door, With A Cityscape In The Background And Diverse People.

Sending your bags ahead doesn’t have to break the bank. Prices start at just $34.99, and you can save up to 60% compared to what big shippers charge. Plus, there’s complimentary insurance—which means less worry for you! Your luggage gets $500 of coverage, and select sporting gear even comes with $1,000 protection.

Choose from different packaging options that best fit your travel needs—whether it’s carry-ons or bulky items. The service is straightforward: pick a plan that suits your budget, pack your stuff, and let the pros handle the rest.

With door-to-door collection and delivery, traveling becomes a breeze without lugging bags around airports or waiting in long check-in lines.

Tips for Locking and Securing Your Checked Luggage

A High-Quality Suitcase With A Tsa-Approved Lock At A Bustling Airport.

Traveling by air? Safety for your checked luggage should be top priority. Here’s how to keep it secure.

  • Choose a durable lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). They can open it if needed, without breaking it.
  • Make a list of what’s inside your luggage before you fly. This helps with claims or customs duties if there’s an issue.
  • Use sturdy, high – quality luggage. Tough materials are harder for thieves to break into.
  • Avoid packing valuables like jewelry or electronics. If you must, keep them in your carry-on.
  • Place identification tags inside and outside your bag. If tags get lost, there’s still a way to identify your luggage.
  • Take photos of your luggage and its contents. These can act as proof of ownership during travel.
  • Consider using tracking devices such as smart luggage tags. You can track your baggage through an app on your phone.
  • Wrap your luggage in plastic at the airport as an extra layer of defense against tampering and weather damage.


A Shipping Box And Suitcase On A Doorstep Surrounded By Lush Greenery, Showcasing Different People And Their Unique Styles.

Ready to say goodbye to airport luggage woes? ShipGo is your go-to solution. Picture sliding through the airport with just a backpack—your bags are already on their way. They’ll meet you there, safe and sound.

Imagine that feeling of freedom; it’s just a few clicks away!


1. Is it possible to send my luggage ahead before I travel?

Yes, you can ship your luggage to your destination in advance using specialized services.

2. Will sending my luggage ahead make my travel easier?

Definitely, forwarding your luggage simplifies check-ins and lets you move through airports swiftly.

3. Are there reliable companies that can ship my bags before I arrive?

Trusted carriers offer secure options for transporting your belongings, ensuring they await you upon arrival.

4. How far in advance should I send my luggage to ensure it’s there when I get there?

It’s best to dispatch your bags a few days ahead of time – planning is key for timely delivery.

5. Can I track the progress of my shipped luggage as it heads to the destination?

Most shipping providers give you tools to monitor your suitcase every step of the way – peace of mind guaranteed.