Can Fedex Ship Luggage? A Complete Guide to Shipping Your Luggage with Fedex

Travel plans can quickly get tangled with the hassle of lugging around heavy suitcases. FedEx offers a smart solution, capable of whisking your luggage to over 200 countries with ease.

This article will unwrap the simplicity of sending bags ahead to your destination, leaving you free to navigate airports with just a carry-on in hand. Dive in and discover how effortless travel can be!

Key Takeaways

  • FedEx can ship your luggage to over 200 countries, making travel easier by letting you move through airports with just a carry-on.
  • You can save on extra fees and skip long lines at check-in and baggage claim by shipping your suitcases ahead of time.
  • Booking directly with FedEx or using LuggageToShip services allows for convenient options like home pick-up and delivery to your destination.
  • Compare different companies; My Baggage offers rates up to 80% cheaper than FedEx, while others like LugLess provide user-friendly interfaces.
  • With many drop-off locations and early morning pick-ups available, sending luggage with FedEx is a very accessible service.

Can FedEx Ship Luggage??

A Photo Of A Fedex Delivery Truck Being Loaded With Luggage In A Cityscape Setting.

Absolutely, FedEx can be your go-to for getting luggage from A to B with ease and efficiency. Picture stepping off the plane with a light carry-on while your suitcases journey independently via a trusted courier network; that’s the level of convenience FedEx offers in handling all types of baggage needs for travelers worldwide.

Worldwide luggage shipping

A Traveler Picks Up Their Luggage At A Busy International Airport.

FedEx has got your back for sending bags across the globe. Imagine flying without the hassle of dragging heavy luggage through airports. With FedEx’s worldwide luggage shipping, you can send your suitcases to over 200 countries, including all corners of Europe and the USA.

They handle everything from small carry-on bags to bulky cargo.

Picture this: You step off the plane, breeze through customs, and head straight to your hotel where your bags are already waiting for you. That’s what FedEx offers—a smooth trip without baggage woes.

Their international shipping service means more freedom for air travelers like you who want less time with their luggage and more time exploring new destinations or doing business abroad.

Benefits and convenience of shipping luggage

An Open Suitcase Overflowing With Travel Essentials Surrounded By A Shipping Label And A Courier In A Bustling Atmosphere.

Shipping your bags ahead can make travel easier and more enjoyable. Imagine walking through the airport with just a small bag, free from the burden of heavy suitcases. This is possible with FedEx’s luggage shipping service to over 200 countries.

You won’t have to worry about dragging bags through long lines or paying extra fees for heavy luggage at check-in.

Using services like LuggageToShip adds even more comfort. They offer affordable prices within the FedEx network and handle everything from picking up your bags at your door to making sure they clear customs.

With options like My Baggage, you can ship your belongings starting at low rates to destinations like the UK. No need to wait at baggage claim – enjoy a swift exit from the airport and find your luggage waiting for you at your hotel or final destination.

How to Ship Your Luggage with FedEx

Neatly Packed Suitcases Ready For Shipping With Fedex Labels In A Bustling Atmosphere.

For those about to embark on their next adventure, the ease of FedEx luggage shipping shines as a beacon of convenience. Whether you opt for direct booking or enlist services like LuggageToShip to tap into FedEx’s robust network, your belongings can circumnavigate the globe with just a few clicks or calls—now that’s traveling smart.

Booking with FedEx directly

A Person Dropping Off Luggage At A Fedex Drop-Off Location In A Bustling Cityscape.

To book your luggage shipment with FedEx directly, start by visiting their official website or giving them a call. Choose from a range of services, such as FedEx Express for quick delivery.

You’ll find options to suit your travel schedule and budget. With over 18,000 drop-off locations across the USA, finding one nearby is easy. You can even arrange for a pickup service at your home or office.

Make sure to pack your luggage securely and measure its dimensions; FedEx calculates shipping costs based on dimensional weight. Once booked, relax knowing that customs clearance is taken care of by FedEx for international luggage shipping.

They ensure that your bags arrive safely while you skip the hassle at the airport baggage claim.

Using LuggageToShip’s services with FedEx network

A Traveler Dropping Off Luggage At A Fedex Location In A Bustling City.

Partnering with FedEx, LuggageToShip makes globe-trotting easier. Imagine skipping the long lines at the airport and heading straight to your gate—your bags already on their way.

LuggageToShip offers this luxury. You get affordable rates using the trusted FedEx network, starting from just $25.

Book online and drop off your luggage at any of the 18,000 FedEx spots across the USA or opt for a convenient pick-up between 9 am and 7 pm on weekdays. Your bags meet you anywhere in over 200 countries worldwide.

With LuggageToShip, air travel becomes a breeze—just you, your passport, and peace of mind knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Comparison to other luggage shipping companies

A Traveler Surrounded By Luggage Compares Shipping Options Against A Bustling Cityscape.

Understanding your shipping options can make a world of difference for air travelers looking to streamline their journey. FedEx is a household name, but how does it stack up against other luggage shipping services? Let’s dive into a comparative glance at the luggage landscapes.

CompanyBenefitsWeight AllowanceCostService Type
FedExWorldwide shipping, tracking systemBased on dimensions and weightVaries; often higher than airline feesDirect booking, optional doorstep pickup
My BaggageCost-effective, door-to-door service30KG/66LB per itemUp to 80% cheaper than direct FedEx ratesOnline scheduling, clear pricing
Luggage FreeConcierge service, free insuranceNo public weight limit, custom solutionsCompetitive, varies by service levelPersonalized pick-up and delivery
LugLessUser-friendly interface, mobile appBased on carrier limitsAffordable, varies by distance and speedTailored shipping options
Luggage ForwardPredictive tracking, automatic compensationUp to 50KG/110LB per itemPremium rates, pre-paid duty and taxWorldwide door-to-door service
UPSReliable tracking, range of optionsBased on dimensions and weightAdditional fee for residence pick-upOnline scheduling, residence pick-up

FedEx offers a robust worldwide shipping service with a reliable tracking system. However, if cost is a primary concern, My Baggage emerges as a strong contender, slashing rates and simplifying the process with door-to-door collection. Luggage Free and Luggage Forward provide premium services with unique benefits such as concierge services and automatic compensation. LugLess stands out for its user-friendly approach, while UPS mirrors FedEx in reliability but with varying service options and costs. Each company brings something different to the table – the key lies in identifying which service aligns best with your personal travel needs and budget.


A Photo Of A Suitcase And Shipping Label At A Fedex Drop-Off Location In A Bustling City.

With FedEx, you can ship your luggage almost anywhere. You’ll find over 18,000 drop-off spots across the USA. Remember, they’re ready to pick up your suitcases as early as 9 am on weekdays! Imagine landing with your bags already there – that’s one less worry for travelers.

Go ahead, give FedEx a try and travel light on your next trip!

If you’re wondering about the possibility of disembarking from a plane after the door has closed, learn more about your options here.


1. Can I send my luggage with FedEx instead of taking it on a plane?

Absolutely! FedEx, also known as Federal Express Corporation, offers courier services that can ship your luggage wherever you need. Forget the hassle at the airport—you can travel light and let FedEx handle the heavy lifting.

2. What should I know about how FedEx calculates shipping for luggage?

When sending bags with FedEx couriers, remember they use something called dimensional-weight pricing. It means both size and weight matter—so pack smart to get the best deal!

3. Will my luggage get to my destination on time if I use FedEx?

Of course! Trust in the reliability that comes with years of experience; since their days as Flying Tiger Line, they’ve been mastering air transport to ensure timely delivery.

4. Does FedEx offer any special services for travelers wanting to ship their luggage?

Yes indeed! Partnering up with Airportr—a super handy service—they’ve made sure your journey is smooth sailing (or flying!). They’ll even scoop up your bags right from your doorstep.