Can You Bring Roller Skates On A Plane? Best TSA Guide 2023

Introduction: Can You Bring Roller Skates On A Plane?

Roller skating has been around for a long time because it’s a great way to exercise while having a good time. People of all ages find considerable value in this form of physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice skater or an expert figure skater; there’s nothing like the sensation of flying through the air on your skates.

However, skating first-time flyers might ask: can you bring roller skates on a plane? Roller skates, roller blades, and ice skates are typically allowed on planes as carry-on luggage as well as checked bags.

Airport Security Checkpoint: TSA Rules

TSA Website: Can You Bring Roller Skates On A Plane?

Here’s what the TSA guidelines say about roller skates and ice skates:

Skates are allowed in both Carry On Bags and Checked Bags

Here are some TSA official Twitter account answers:

This answers the ice skating question:

This person asked about skating through the airport, which I haven’t seen yet:

More and more people are looking for ways to transport their roller skates when they travel, especially within the roller derby subculture. If you want to carry your skates on a plane with you, whether it’s for a holiday or because you’re a competitive skater going to a tournament, you should know what you can and cannot bring.

Be aware that TSA agents may request that you remove your skates from your bag for a more comprehensive search if you plan on flying with them. This is the standard way to check passengers before they board for weapons and other items that aren’t allowed. 

It’s recommended that passengers be kind and helpful to the TSA agent at all times. They’re only doing their jobs to make sure everyone on board is safe. You can always ask the TSA agent or check the TSA website if you have any questions or concerns regarding what you can and cannot bring through security. 

Ice Skates

Ice skates are similar to roller skates in terms of being personal items. Ice skates, like hockey skates, are normally allowed as a carry-on item, but the final decision rests with the TSA security officer at the security checkpoint.

It is best to check with the TSA website or your airline for their specific guidelines on ice skates. For ice skaters and hockey players, it’s a good idea to pack them in a skate bag, along with any other hockey equipment you may have.

Carry-on Baggage & Personal Items

Roller skaters often wonder if they may bring their skates with them as carry-on luggage.. In most cases, the answer to this question is “yes,” meaning that roller skates can be brought on board as carry-on luggage; nevertheless, there are some limitations to keep in mind. 

Airline rules differ for each airline in the United States. Before you book a flight, it’s important to know how much your bags can weigh and how big they can be. This data is typically made available on the airline’s website or through customer care. 

Remember that certain carriers, like Southwest Airlines, throw in a free checked bag for every traveler. You can take advantage of this by checking your roller skates together with the rest of your luggage. This way, you may enjoy your travel without worrying about whether or not your carry-on items exceed the airline’s limits. 

Can You Bring Roller Skates On A Plane

The TSA officer at the checkpoint will ultimately decide if your roller skates can be carried on. Your skates will be inspected to see if they pose a security risk and if they conform to carry-on regulations. If the security staff determines that your skates pose a threat, they may ask you to check them as luggage. 

Finally, roller skates can be transported on an airplane as a carry-on item in the overhead bin or under the seat, but there are some limitations you should know about. Always double-check the TSA’s website for the most up-to-date information, and be sure to check your airline’s weight limits and standards for sharp objects. You can confidently and easily bring your roller skates along on a trip with just a little bit of planning and preparation.

Sports Equipment Bags

If you plan on bringing your roller skates with you on your trip, you’ll need to pack them in an appropriate travel bag. You can keep your roller skates safe and well-organized with a roller skate travel bag or a duffel bag. You may store your rollerblades in their own dedicated compartments, in addition to all your other gear and personal items, in one of these backpacks. 

Picking a roller skate travel bag that can survive the wear and tear of an airplane is essential. Look for bags with strong zippers and seams that have been reinforced, and made of high-quality materials like nylon that doesn’t get wet. 

It is recommended that, in addition to the roller skate travel bag, you buy a bigger bag to carry your other gear and personal items. Duffel bags and backpacks are convenient ways to transport apparel, toiletries, and electronics. 

When choosing a travel bag, you must take the airline’s rules about how much your bag can weigh into account. Check the airline’s baggage rules before you go, as some set limits on how much you can bring on board and how much you can pack in your checked bags. 

The best way to keep your roller skates safe while traveling is to buy a good roller skate travel bag.

Here are some of the highly-rated roller skate travel bags available on Amazon:

Other Sporting Goods & Items

Golf Clubs On A Plane

Airlines see some surprising things at the check-in counter, so you may not be the first person to transport odd sporting items. However, often the airline staff may not be familiar with the particular item and need to look it up in their baggage policy.

Transporting things like musical instruments, hockey sticks, golf clubs, ski poles, ski boots, and golf clubs have different rules than transporting roller skates. If you want to transport a musical instrument, it’s important to check with the airline to see if there are any weight restrictions or size limits and to make sure it’s packed securely to avoid damage from baggage handlers. Although some airlines do not ask passengers to check their musical instruments, others do. 

A hockey stick is likely to be allowed as a checked baggage item, but you should still check with the airline ahead of time. You can usually check your golf clubs or ski poles as baggage, but the airline might have a limit on how many you can bring. 


According to the TSA tools are allowed in both Carry On Bags and Checked Bags, but with restrictions.

The maximum length of a completed tool is 7 inches, so long as it doesn’t exceed the carry-on size limit.
Tools that are more than 7 inches in total length (when assembled) are not allowed in carry-on luggage and must be stored in the cargo hold.
Please refer to FAA rules regarding the use of lithium-powered tools.

If you’re a roller skater, you might also want to bring some tiny tools, like skate tools, on the plane with you. TSA standards vary, so it’s advisable to double-check there before packing. Small tools like skate tools are usually allowed. If you want to be absolutely sure, though, you should check again right before your trip. 

It’s also worth noting that certain airlines have their own rules regarding small items but things that are potentially dangerous, like carry-on tools. Small tools like screwdrivers and pliers are among the few that could cause issues at the security checkpoint. Tools like hammers and saws are too bulky and potentially dangerous to travel with carry-ons. 

Before you book your flight, you should definitely call your chosen airline and find out what their rules are for luggage. In this way, you may prepare for your travel knowing that you won’t have to worry about breaking any rules regarding the carriage of small tools.

Get in touch with your airline to find out whether they have any restrictions on roller skates in checked luggage. Be aware that some airlines, like United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, and most other international airlines, have different rules for flights within the country and flights to other countries. Check the TSA website for standards and limits if you plan to bring any other items that could be considered harmful, such as flammable liquids or pepper spray, with you on your trip. 

Different Airline Regulations: Domestic Flights vs International

Be sure you know the airline’s different rules before booking your journey. The size and weight of a pair of skates that can be brought on as carry-on luggage are subject to strict regulations by some airlines, such as United. You can ask the airline or your travel agent if you have any questions about the regulations. Remember that the restrictions may differ depending on whether you are flying on domestic flights or internationally, so double-check that you have the right information before you board. 

Keep in mind that policies for different fare classes, such as business and economy, may differ. Premium-class passengers may be granted additional baggage allowance depending on the airline. 


Keep in mind that the TSA agent at the checkpoint has the final say over what can and cannot be brought on board the airline. Always double-check in advance, and be ready to potentially check your skates as baggage if necessary. 

Finally, roller skates can be brought into an airplane, but passengers should be aware of the TSA’s standards and restrictions regarding sharp objects, personal belongings, and carry-on baggage. The easiest approach to guarantee a trouble-free trip is to double-check with both the airline and the TSA’s official website.

If you plan on bringing roller skates with you on your flight, you should always confirm this information with the airline in advance. In this way, you can rest assured that your airport experience will go off without a hitch.

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