Can You Bring Duct Tape on a Plane? What To Know 2023

Can You Bring Duct Tape on a Plane?

Can you bring duct tape on a plane? Let’s dive right in and explore this topic. We’ll cover flight attendants using duct tape on unruly passengers, the role of duct tape in carry-on bags, and the role of the flight crew in ensuring passengers’ safety.

Duct Tape in Carry-On Bags

Regarding carry-on baggage, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has some guidelines for us. Good news: duct tape is allowed in both carry-on and checked bags. However, the final decision rests with the TSA security officer at the airport. So, better pack that trusty roll of duct tape for any in-flight emergencies!

TSA’S Twitter Response

The Many Uses of Duct Tape

Duct tape is quite a versatile tool! Flight crews use it for temporary repairs, like fixing peeling paint or dealing with adhesion failures. Airlines like United and American Airlines have even been caught using the infamous “speed tape” (a specialized type of tape) to ensure the wing’s structural integrity.

On the other hand, passengers have also found creative ways to utilize duct tape. We’re talking about using it to secure carry-on items in the overhead bin, fasten microwave ovens to seat-back trays, and even silence a chatty neighbor’s phone calls.

Duct Tape and the TSA

While duct tape is allowed on planes, the TSA does have some restrictions on other items. For instance, liquid items, golf clubs in the cabin, and hazardous materials are a no-go. And don’t forget those pesky additional fees for checked bags on international flights!

Can You Bring Duct Tape On A Plane

When Duct Tape Isn’t Enough

Flight Attendants: The Unsung Heroes

Our trusty flight attendants have seen it all! They’ve dealt with social media storms and even the Australian opera singer David Wakeham who was taped to his seat. But you may be surprised to learn that these sky-saviors are also equipped with alternative measures, such as seatbelt extenders, zip ties, and even physical restraints, to handle difficult situations like physical altercations.

Sometimes, duct tape just won’t cut it. In such cases, flight attendants may rely on air marshalls, law enforcement, and even fellow passengers to help control a safety issue or a violent passenger. Remember, duct tape should always be a last resort.


  • Can I bring duct tape on a plane? Yes, you can bring duct tape in your carry-on and checked bags. However, the final decision rests with the TSA security officer at the airport.
  • What other items are allowed in carry-on bags? The TSA website provides a comprehensive list of allowed and prohibited items.
  • What are some alternative measures used by flight attendants? Seatbelt extenders, zip ties, and physical restraints are some alternative measures flight attendants use to handle difficult situations.
  • Are there any recent instances of duct tape being used on a plane? Yes, Australian opera singer David Wakeham was taped to his seat during a flight, causing quitea stir on social media.

United Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

United Airlines has been in the news for its use of duct tape. The United memo that surfaced recently reveals that they only use it as a last resort. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ensures flight safety for all US airlines, including monitoring duct tape and other types of tape.

Can You Bring Duct Tape On A Plane

What’s Your Favourite Airline?

We all have our favorite airline, from United Airlines to Frontier Airlines flights. Some may choose based on the 787-9 Dreamliner experience, while others might prioritize customer service or even the advertising policy page on the airline’s website. In any case, make sure to stay informed about the kinds of things that matter to you!

Airport Security and TSA Officers

Airport security plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of passengers. TSA officers check carry-on luggage and screen passengers for dangerous items. In the United States, they work closely with the FAA and law enforcement agencies to uphold safety regulations.

Duct Tape Alternatives

While duct tape (or duck tape, as some call it) is a popular choice, there are other types of tape that can be used on a plane. Clear tape, for example, is suitable for minor repairs or securing items in your carry-on luggage. Just remember to follow the maintenance instructions provided by the airline or FAA!

Can You Bring Duct Tape On A Plane

Ultra Violet Rays and Air Travel

UV rays can cause damage to the plane’s exterior, including the tapes used for repairs. Airlines and maintenance crews must consider the potential impact of ray damage when selecting the most suitable restraint devices and tapes.

The Last Word

In conclusion, yes, you can bring duct tape on a plane. However, being aware of airport security, TSA officers, and safety regulations is essential. While duct tape has proven useful in many situations, it should only be used as a last resort. Happy flying!

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