Are There Changing Tables In Air Plane Bathrooms? What You Need to Know for Traveling with a Baby

Traveling with a baby brings its unique set of challenges—especially when it’s time for a diaper change thousands of feet in the air. Surprisingly, not all airplanes come equipped with changing tables in their restrooms. This article will guide you through the highs and lows of managing diaper duty on flights, providing practical tips for those cramped lavatory spaces. Read on — because a smooth flight starts with a dry baby!

Key Takeaways

  • Not all airplanes have changing tables in their bathrooms. Some flights might require parents to change diapers on a closed toilet lid or ask for help from flight attendants.
  • Many planes do have changing tables, often hidden behind restroom doors. It’s best to check with the airline before flying to know if your specific plane includes this feature.
  • Bring a travel – sized changing pad when flying with a baby. This pad can turn any space into a clean spot for diaper changes, especially if there are no tables available.
  • Change your baby’s diaper before boarding the plane and pack essentials like wipes and plastic bags in case you need to manage without a table.
  • Flight attendants can offer advice and assistance if there’s no changing table available, so don’t hesitate to ask them for support during your flight.

The struggle of changing diapers on an airplane

A Parent Struggles To Change A Baby's Diaper In A Cramped Airplane Bathroom.

Changing a baby’s diaper at 30,000 feet is no easy task. You’re in a cramped space, and not all airplanes come equipped with changing tables. Imagine trying to wrangle a squirmy infant in an airplane bathroom the size of a closet! The truth hits hard – some flights may require creative solutions for diaper duty.

Parents have been known to use changing pads on closed toilet lids when no other option exists. It’s tough when there are no changing tables, especially since using tray tables or seats isn’t allowed due to health regulations.

Airlines like Virgin America, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines often provide changing facilities on their planes. But let’s be real: it varies by type of aircraft and sometimes you won’t know until you’re onboard.

This uncertainty adds stress for parents flying with little ones strapped into infant car seats or snugly secured in baby carriers. Flight attendants become crucial allies; they understand the struggle and can offer helpful tips or direct you to available resources—maybe even an empty row if luck is on your side!

Where to Find Changing Tables on Airplanes

When you’re flying at 30,000 feet with a baby in tow, knowing the location of changing tables on airplanes can be a game-changer. Surprisingly, most aircraft come equipped with these hidden gems tucked away in the lavatories – but keep an eye out as there are exceptions to this sky-bound rule.

Most planes have changing tables in the bathrooms

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Changing diapers at 30,000 feet? No problem! Many planes are equipped with changing tables in the lavatories. Look for a fold-down table behind a restroom door or ask a flight attendant to point you in the right direction.

It’s always smart to check your specific airline and aircraft type before you fly, as some older models may not have this baby-friendly feature.

For those times when changing tables aren’t available, it pays to be prepared. Bring along your own travel-sized changing pad so that any space becomes an instant diaper station. This way, you keep your little one comfy and sanitary no matter where you are.

Airplane bathrooms may be tight on space but remember – quick changes make for happy travelers!

A few models may not have them

A Well-Stocked Diaper Bag On An Airplane Without Changing Tables, Capturing The Challenges Of Traveling With A Baby.

Sometimes you’ll board a plane that’s missing changing tables. It happens on certain aircraft types and with different airlines. You may find yourself in a tight spot, especially if you’re flying with a baby.

Before heading to the airport, it’s smart to check with your airline about the facilities on your specific flight.

It’s important to know this ahead of time. If there aren’t any changing tables, bring extra supplies like plastic bags for dirty diapers and wipes for quick cleanups. Your preparation will make all the difference for an easier journey through the skies with your little one.

Tips for Changing Diapers on an Airplane

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Mastering the art of diaper changing at 30,000 feet can be a game-changer for your air travel experience with an infant. Keep reading to discover how to handle this potentially tricky situation with poise and confidence.

Pack a travel changing pad

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Bring a travel changing pad for your flight. It’s a must-have for parents flying with babies. Changing tables might be missing on some planes, and you don’t want to use seats or tray tables—they’re not clean for diaper changes! A portable changing pad is light and easy to pack.

It gives you a clean, soft spot to change your little one anywhere.

Keep the changing pad handy in your carry-on bag. That way, you can grab it fast when it’s time for a diaper swap. You’ll feel confident knowing you have a safe place for changes during the flight, even if there’s no table in the restroom.

Plus, pads like these are super useful at airports where bathrooms may not be baby-ready either.

Do a pre-boarding diaper change

A Baby Getting A Diaper Change In An Airport Restroom On A Portable Changing Pad.

Changing your baby’s diaper before boarding can make a huge difference. It cuts down on the need for mid-flight changes. Head to the airport bathrooms after you check in and before you go through security.

These restrooms often have more space than airplane lavatories, making it easier for you to manage diapers and wipes comfortably. Plus, tackling this task early means one less thing to worry about once you’re on the plane.

Keep your diaper bag stocked with essentials like a travel changing pad or small blanket, just in case an unexpected change is needed during the flight. This way, even without a dedicated changing table, you’ll be prepared with a clean surface to use over the closed toilet lid.

You’ll feel more at ease knowing that everything is handled before takeoff, letting both you and your baby relax during the journey.

Ask for advice if there are no changing tables available

A Diaper Bag And Changing Mat Placed In An Airplane Bathroom Nook.

Talk to the flight attendants if you can’t find a changing table. They know the plane well and can suggest safe spots to change your baby. Some may guide you to use a blanket or pad on top of the closed toilet seat in the bathroom for privacy.

Flight crews deal with this often, and they are there to help make your flight smoother. They might even offer extra blankets or find a quiet moment when the bathrooms are less busy for you.

Remember, their job is to ensure all passengers, including the littlest ones, have what they need during the flight.


Flying with a baby? Remember, every plane is different. Most have changing tables, but it’s smart to check ahead. Pack your own pad just in case, and don’t be shy – crew members can help in a pinch.

Safe travels and smooth diaper changes up high!

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1. How do I know if an airplane has changing tables for babies?

Most planes today have at least one bathroom with a changing table, usually marked with a symbol on the door. Check with airline staff during self-check-in or ask flight attendants once you board.

2. Can I bring my infant seat and child carrier through airport security?

Yes, indeed! The Federal Aviation Administration allows both infant seats and child carriers through airport security. TSA agents may ask to inspect these items, so have them ready for checking.

3. Should I pack noise-cancelling headphones for my baby?

Absolutely—a smart move! Noise-cancelling headphones can soothe your baby by blocking out loud cabin sounds; they’re a game-changer for air travel comfort.

4. What documents should I carry when traveling with my baby?

Bring your little one’s birth certificate—it proves their age and identity if asked by airport authorities or airline staff. Remember to pack it in your easily accessible luggage before heading out!